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Fresh VS Dried Lemongrass Tea

Fresh lemongrass tea has a wonderful flavour with tons of health benefits that everyone can enjoy. Although it’s extremely easy to make, because of the hectic 21st century lifestyles many people lead, they will often have little or no time prepare it.

Also available as dried ‘loose-leaf’ or tea bags, these incarnations of lemongrass tea couldn’t be simpler or quicker to prepare. The dried tea also has a very long shelf life and is easy to carry around and will not spoil during transport, just be sure to keep it away from moisture.

It’s Good For You!

Like it’s fresh cousin, dried lemongrass herbal tea has lots of health benefits. It includes benefits of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folate and vitamin A. Minerals like calcium, good amounts of fatty acids and potassium are also available in this herbal tea. The health benefits of this plant mainly help in different many disorders in the body.

Dried Lemongrass Tea Bags

Dried Lemongrass Tea can be quickly and conveniently prepared using Teabags

Lemongrass herbal tea offers a lot of assistance for the digestive system. Its main ingredient called citral is extremely effective helping the process of digestion. It can be used in treating gastroenteritis, nausea, cramps, bloating and other digestive problems.  The portability and convenience of dried lemongrass tea really comes into its own here, it makes extremely easy to enjoy a cup after a working lunch. Many people carry tea bags in their pockets or handbags, may cafe and coffee shops will be happy to make you a cup from the teabag you give them.

Dried lemongrass tea is also good in maintaining a healthy nervous system. It keeps the nerves active and stronger. It can be used in treating different nervous disorders such as vertigo, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. It is well-recommended to take dried lemongrass tea regularly in order to prevent the said disorders.

For those people who are trying to lose some weight, dried lemongrass tea is also advised. It has a natural diuretic property that gives a stimulating effect for a frequent urination. Studies say that four percent of urine contains fat. That is why a frequent urination will help in eliminating high amounts of fat in the body. It would also take out the unnecessary water inside the body that could add up to the weight. Women also find the tea effective for eliminating water retention during certain times of the menstral cycle.

Dried Lemongrass Tea is Convenient and Inexpensive

Because of the convenience of dried lemongrass tea, is can be enjoyed a regularly as any other drink. Try and get into the habit of making yourself a cup when you would normally have a coffee or regular tea. Substituting soft drinks for lemongrass tea is also very easy to do, as dried lemongrass tea is just a delicious cold as it is hot. Try mixing it with some sparkling water for a delicious alternative to a sugary soda.

The inexspensiveness of lemongrass herbal tea is another attractive aspect, it can be enjoyed for as little as 5 cents a cup, this and fact that it’s completely calorie free makes it accesible to everyone.

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